Figures for Takaki et al., 2018

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Fig. 3

Anatomical localization of intraocular granuloma after M. marinum infection.

(A) Schematic representation showing localization of granulomas near the retinal vasculature (arrowhead), and in retinal pigment epithelium-choroid complex (dotted circle). (B) Localization of intraocular granulomas (within dotted regions); in the outer eye of zebrafish larvae corresponding to the retinal pigment epithelium-choroid complex, and in the choroid in human ocular TB. (C) Localization of perivascular infection (arrowheads); as seen as bacterial aggregates in close association of blood vessels in zebrafish, and retinal periphlebitis associated with focal chorioretinitis overlying the blood vessel in human ocular TB. (B-C) Confocal images of ocular infection in Tg(mpeg:YFP) and Tg(kdrl:dsRed2) zebrafish, and fundus photographs of human ocular TB. Scale bars, 25 μm and 750 μm, respectively.

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