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Figures for Wang et al., 2018

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Fig. S2

Genetic mutation of lpar2b generated by the CRISPR-­‐Cas9 system produces a similar NM phenotype in F0 embryos. (A) The gRNA was designed against the 5’ region of exon 3 of lpar2b genomic DNA. (B) Sequencing of the genomic DNA extracted from F0 embryos injected with the gRNA and Cas9 mRNA. (C) Fluorescence images of control Et(gata2:EGFP)mp189b embryos injected with Cas9 mRNA alone, and embryos injected with lpar2b gRNA and Cas9 together at 48 hpf. (D) Quantification of the percentage of embryos with normal pLLP migration but fewer NMs (< 5 trunk NMs) at 48 hpf.

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