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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-170222-32
Figures for Fontenas et al., 2016


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 3

ndrg4 is not required for axonal outgrowth or early Schwann cell development.

Acetylated tubulin expression in control (A), ndrg4 mutant (C) and morphant (B) embryos at 4 dpf showing the PLLn nerve. Scale bar = 45μm. (d-F) Whole mount in situ hybridization of a (d) control embryo, ndrg4 mutant (F) and ndrg4 morphant (E) showing sox10 expression in PLLn SCs (arrows) at 3 dpf. Scale bar = 200μm. Lateral view of a control foxd3::GFP embryo (G), a ndrg4 morphant (H) at 3 dpf showing SCs (arrows) along the PLLn. Transmission electron micrographs showing cross-section through (I) control and ndrg4 mutant (J). Control PLLn shows an average of 10.7 myelinated axons (blue asterisks). (J) An average of 5.36 myelinated axons (blue asterisks) is observed in the ndrg4 mutant’s PLLn. (S: Schwann cell). Scale bars = 0.5μm. (K,L) Quantification of the total number of axons and the number myelinated axons in controls, ndrg4 mutants and ndrg4 morphants. NS: Non Significant.

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