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Fig. 6

Apoptosis is not activated in response to autophagy inhibition. (A) Western blot of fish treated with increasing CQ concentrations showed a dose-dependent decrease of active Caspase 3 (Casp3) in the injured muscle (see Figure S1), suggesting a role of Casp3 in muscle regeneration. Protein loading was assayed with an anti-Tubg1/tubulin antibody. U, uninjured; I, injured. (B to F) Fish were treated with or without CQ. Apoptosis was visualized by TUNEL staining; the inset shows the differential interference contrast image (pictures are representative examples of 5 fish per group). (F) High-magnification view of the box in (D) and (E)shows cytoplasmic localization of TUNEL signal in fish treated with CQ.

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