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Figures for Malicki et al., 1996

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 3

Transverse sections of mutant retinae at 3 dpf. The phenotypes of (A) oko meduzy (ome)m98, (B) glass onion (glo)m117 and (C) nagie oko (nok)m227 mutants are similar to each other. In the retinae of these mutants the plexiform matter forms patches instead of laminae. omem98 and nokm227 form a well differentiated optic nerves (arrowhead in A). (D) Retina of heart and soul (has)m129 mutant at 60 hpf. Although the optic nerve is present, the retina of hasm129 does not develop stratification. (E) one eyed pinhead (oep)m134, (F) cyclops (cyc)b16 and (G) bozozok (boz)m168 develop cyclopia. In these mutants retinal stratification develops to a limited degree. Abnormalities of the neuronal patterning are usually associated with presence of numerous cell corpses. (H) Some pandora (pan)m313 mutants develop normal neuronal lamination. The portion of the retina ventral to the optic nerve (arrowhead in H) is absent in panm313. In all panels ventral is down.

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