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Figures for Malicki et al., 1996

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2

Phenotypes of mutants characterized by eye specific pigmentation defect. (A) At 36 hpf pigmentation is apparent both in the eye and skin of wild-type embryos. In (B) glass onion (glo)m117, (C) oko meduzy (ome)m98, (D) heart and soul (has)m129 and (E) nagie oko (nok)m227, we observed abnormal differentiation of the pigmented epithelium. Melanocytes of these mutants have normal appearance although their development may be somewhat delayed. (F) Wild-type and (G) omem98 pigmented epithelium in living embryos. The eye pigmentation is uniform in the wild type and patchy in the mutant. Arrowheads indicate position of the choroid fissure. In all panels dorsal is up and anterior left.

Figure Data:
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