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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-161005-10
Figures for Malicki et al., 1996

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 7

Mutants involving retinal degeneration associated with a general pigmentation defect. Mutant individuals (lower) are shown next to their wild-type siblings (upper). (A,B,C) piegus(pgu)m286. (D,E,F) punktata(pkt)m288. (G,H,I) mizerny(miz)m293. All three mutants have abnormal melanocytes and reduced eye size. Sections through mutant retinae at 3 dpf (C,I) and 5 dpf (F) reveal an excessive amount of cell death. (J,K,L) Higher magnification of the dorsal retina in the wild type (J), pgum286 (K) and mizm293 (L). Cell corpses appear as small, round, intensely staining particles (arrows in K and L). In pktm288 and mizm293 the photoreceptor cell layer has abnormal appearance (F,I). A, D and G show lateral views; B, E and H dorsal views. The dorsal side is oriented up in panels showing lateral views or sections. In panels showing head phenotypes anterior is left. All sections are transverse.

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