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Figures for Zhang et al., 2015

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Fig. 5

Effects of RA and DEAB on patterning of the pronephric tubule in control embryos and taz morphants. Visualization of pronephric tubule segments in 24 and 48 hpf zebrafish embryos by anti-GFP (red) staining of the ET11-9 segment, followed by α6F staining of the pronephric tubule (green). Panels show untreated (DMSO) control zebrafish embryos and taz morphants, as well as embryos treated with RA or DEAB in DMSO. RA treatment shortened the DL segments in both control (D) and 24 hpf taz morphant (H), but extended the ET11-9 segments in control embryo (D) but not in the 24 hpf taz morphant (H). DEAB extended the DL segments in both control (I, J) and 24 hpf taz morphants (M, N) as well as in control (Q, R) and taz morphants at 48 hpf (U, V), and reversed PCT dilation in 48 hpf taz morphants (V compared with T).

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