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Figures for Kiesow et al., 2015

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Fig. S6 Non-endothelial structures supporting LC formation are not altered upon Junb or miR-182 knockdown. (a-f) Whole-mount immunostaining of co-MO or junba- and junbb-MO1 (a-c), miR-182-5MM-MO or miR-182-MO-injected (d-f) Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1 embryos at 30 hpf for (a, d) muscle pioneers (4D9, red), (b, e) primary motoneurons (Znp-1, red) and (c, f) dorsal root ganglia (HuC/D, red). Images show confocal projections of the trunk vasculature of representative embryos. For each condition we examined a minimum of 5 embryos. Panels are lateral view, dorsal is up, anterior to the left. Overall morphology of muscle pioneers, primary motoneurons and dorsal root ganglia showed no alterations in junba + junbb or miR-182 morphant embryos compared to their respective controls. White scale bar: 50 ┬ÁM.

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