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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-150318-17
Figures for Gerlach et al., 2014

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. S4 Expression of odf3b and acetylated α-tubulin in wild-type control and prkCI deficient embryos. WISH was used to evaluate the gene expression of odf3b (purple), a ciliogenesis marker, in wild-types (left top, middle panels) and double prkCI morphants (right top, middle panels) at the 36 hpf stage. Wild-type embryos and double prkCI knockdowns formed similar numbers and arrangements of odf3b-expressing cells, though occasional ectopic odf3b+ cells were observed in the proximal region of the pronephros in prkCI morphants (boxed area, top right panel, which is enlarged in the middle right panel). Asterisk indicates region where ectopic odf3b+ cells were located. (Bottom left, right panels) IF performed on cross sections of wild-types and double prkCI morphants at the 22–24 ss revealed that acetylated α-tubulin (light blue) was similarly present at the apical membrane of pronephros cells (labeled by GFP (green), nuclei marked with DAPI (dark blue), although double prkCI morphants lacked Prkc (red).

Figure Data:
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