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Figures for Steiner et al., 2014


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Fig. 1

Expression of fluorescent proteins in mantle cells of the posterior lateral-line system. (A) Confocal mosaic images of a living alpl:mCherry;Et20 larva at 4 days postfertilization (dpf) demonstrate expression of mCherry (magenta) overlapping with that of GFP (green) in neuromasts and interneuromast cells. (Scale bar: 500 μm.) The same color code applies in CE. (B) A neuromast comprises at least three cell types: hair cells (green), supporting cells (aqua), and mantle cells (magenta). (C) mCherry expression in alpl:mCherry larvae is limited to a subset of cells at the periphery of the neuromast. The image represents a confocal slice through a living alpl:mCherry; Tg(8.0cldnb:lynEGFP)zf106 larva, in which all cells of the neuromast express membrane-tethered GFP. (D) An alpl:mCherry;pou4f3:GFP animal expresses mCherry in peripheral cells, but that marker is excluded from hair cells that express membrane-tethered GFP instead. (E) mCherry and GFP have extensively overlapping but not identical expression patterns in mantle cells of alpl:mCherry;Et20 larvae. The arrowheads indicate two mCh+, GFP cells. (Scale bar: CE, 10 μm.)

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