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Figures for McCarroll et al., 2013



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Fig. 3

Fgf10a and endodermally derived Fgf3 cooperate during EB placode formation.

(A-C) Confocal projections of Pax2a expression in control (A), casanova-MO injected (B), or casanova/fgf10a-MO coinjected (C) embryos at 24 hpf. (D-F) Confocal projections of 72 hpf TgBAC(phox2b:EGFP) in control (D), casanova-MO (E), or casanova/fgf10-MO (F) embryos. Note a complete loss of Pax2a and EGFP expression in EB placodes and ganglia, respectively, in casanova/fgf10a-MO embryos (C and F). Abbreviations: f, facial placode (A) or facial ganglia (D); ov, otic vesicle; g+v, glossopharyngeal/vagal placode; cas, casanova; g, glossopharyngeal ganglia; v1-v3, small vagal ganglia 1-3; v4, large vagal ganglion. Scale bars: 50 ┬Ám (A); 25 μm (D).

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