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Figures for Weijts et al., 2013

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Fig. 4

E2f7/8 rescued Flt4-dependent lymphangiogenesis phenotypes.

A, Representative images of Tg(fli1a:gfp;flt1enh:rfp) un-injected control embryos (nic) or embryos injected with e2f7/8 MOs or mRNA. B, C, D, E Quantification of the indicated parameters. Concentrations: e2f7/8 MOs (10 ng each); dll4 MO (3 ng); e2f7/8 mRNA (100 pg each); dll4 mRNA (100 pg).Open arrow heads indicate in (A; upper panel) hyper-branching of intersegmental vessels. Closed arrow heads indicate (upper panel in A) PLs or (lower panel, A) presence of the TD. All scale bars are 100 µm. Stars indicate missing TD fragments. Data presented as the average (±s.e.m.) compared to the control condition in three independent experiments (*** P<0.001). At least n = 150 embryos per condition in three independent experiments were used for A–E.

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