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Fig. 4

Activation of Src induces cell changes in zebrafish epidermal cells. (A) Synthetic transposase mRNA was coinjected with the Tol2 Krt4 Src (YF)-uniRapR-cerulean plasmid into one-cell zebrafish embryos, resulting in mosaic expression of Src-uniRapR in the epidermis. Epidermal cells with characteristic flat honeycomb morphology were selected and imaged before (B and F) and after (C and G) 16 h of rapamycin treatment. (C) Epidermal cells expressing Src (YF)-uniRapR-cerulean in zebrafish embryos exposed to 10 μM rapamycin become rounded and undergo dynamic cell shape changes. White arrows indicate an epidermal cell before and after each treatment. Control epidermal cells expressing Src (YF)-uniRapR-cerulean in vehicle (i.e., DMSO) (D and E) or expressing the kinase-dead construct Src (YF/KD)-uniRapR-cerulean in rapamycin (G) have a static morphology and do not undergo dynamic cell shape changes. (Scale bar: 30 μm.)

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