ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-130109-11
Figures for Ichimura et al., 2012

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 6 Podocyte foot processes are formed in mpp5am520 mutants and tnnt2a-ATG morphants. A, B: In wild-type siblings, foot processes with SD are vigorously formed by 4 dpf. In 4-dpf mpp5am520 mutants (C, D) and tnnt2a-ATG morphants (E, F) podocytes form regular foot processes with SD by 4 dpf as observed in the wild-type siblings. In most podocytes, multiple microvillus-like processes have protruded from the apical surface of the cell body and extend into the Bowman′s space (arrows in D, F). In addition, they form regular foot processes adhering to the GBM (arrowheads in B, D, F). These microvillus-like processes are connected to each other by SD-like structures. P, podocyte. Scale bar = 500 nm.

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