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Figures for Ichimura et al., 2012


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Fig. 5 nephrin mRNA expression in pronephric glomeruli of mpp5am520 mutant. Position and shape of pronephric glomerulus are shown by in situ hybridization for nephrin mRNA at 2 dpf (A, B) and 3 dpf (C-E), which only express in podocytes. nephrin mRNA is expressed in the glomerulus at 2 and 3 dpf in wild-type embryos as a single globular mass beneath the notochord (A, C; arrowheads). In the mpp5am520 mutant, the glomerulus (glomerular primordia) express nephrin mRNA in a domain shaped like a moustache at 2 and 3 dpf (arrows in B, D, E). Scale bar = 10 μm.

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