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Fig. 8

Only bmnV efferent pathfinding is affected in ngn1 morphants. Panel A is a lateral view of a control nkx:mgfp embryo at 52 hpf showing the typical appearance of branchiomeric efferent axons. Panel B is a lateral view of an embryo injected with the ngn1-MO at 52 hpf. As can be seen, only the bmnV efferents (indicated by the arrow) exhibited abnormal pathfinding as they traveled in an anterior, rather than ventral, direction: the other three branchiomeric efferents project normally. eV, bmnV efferents; eVII, bmnVII efferents; eIX, bmnIX efferents; eX, bmnX efferents. In both images, anterior is to the left and dorsal at the top. Scale bars are 100 μm.

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