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Figures for Wiens et al., 2010


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Fig. 6 A dominant-negative PDGFRβ blocked ISV angiogenesis in zebrafish embryos.

A heat shock-inducible dominant negative form of PDGFRβ was created by substituting the intracellular kinase domains of PDGFRβ with YFP (A, dnPDGFRβ-YFP). Heat shock at 10 hpf led to dnPDGFRβ-YFP expression within 7 hours after heat shock with no effect on overall morphology (B). Heat shock at 20 hpf and analysis at 48 hpf indicated an increase in ISV defects in heat shocked embryos positive for dnPDGFRβ-YFP versus heat shocked embryos negative for dnPDGFRβ-YFP (C and E, n = 23). Embryos heat shocked at 20 hpf that were positive for dnPDGFRβ-YFP at 48 hpf showed no overall morphology defects as compared to embryos heat shocked at 20 hpf negative for dnPDGFRβ-YFP (D). Arrowheads indicate complete ISVs. Asterisks indicate angiogenic sprouts. ** indicates p<0.01. All data represent the mean +/- standard error.

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