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Figures for den Broeder et al., 2009

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Fig. 2 Phenotypic assays on wild-type and fmr1 mutant embryos.

A) Wild type and mutant embryos were analyzed using whole mount in situ hybridisation using probes against dlx-2a, axial and islet-1. B) The width of Meckel′s cartilage was measured in wild type (n = 9) and MZ fmr1 mutant (n = 11) embryos. The angle of this structure with regard to the anterior-posterior axis was also measured in wild-type (n = 6) and fmr1 mutant (n = 9) embryos. Indicated errors represent SD. C) Neurite branching was measured on Rohon-Beard neurites using the monoclonal antibody zn-12. Plotted is the branching frequency per 1000 μm in both wild-type and MZ stop mutant embryos. In total n = 25 neurites (wild-type) and n = 28 neurites (MZfmr1) were traced in a total of 8 embryos of each genotype. Error bars represent SD.

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