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Figures for den Broeder et al., 2009



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Fig. 1 Fmr1 mutant alleles.

A) Illustration of the fmr1 gene product. The different domains are indicated, along with the sites where isolated mutant alleles will affect the protein. B) Whole mount in situ hybridisation with an fmr1 specific probe. C) Immuno staining of wild type and mutant brain sections using Fmr specific antibodies. Some Purkinje cells in the mutant have been outlined. D) Brain lysates were analyzed by western blot, using an Fmr specific antibody. Lanes 1 and 3 contain wild type samples. Lane 2 contains hu2787/hu2787 lysate. Lane 4 contains hu2787/hu2898 lysate. The upper arrow points at Fmr. The lower arrow points at an a-specific band that serves as a loading control.

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