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Fig. 6 erbB2 promotes EMT in the epidermis of pen/lgl2 mutant larvae.

DIC images of the morphology of wild-type (A), lgl2,erbB2+/- (B) and lgl2,erbB2-/- (C) larvae at 108hpf. Keratin (D–F), E-cadherin (G–I), BrdU (J–L) and mmp9 (M–O) staining in wild-type (D, G, J, M), lgl2,erbB2+/- (E, H, K, N) and lgl2,erbB2-/-(F, I, L, O) larvae at 108hpf. The DIC images of the morphology reveals that cellular clumps, a typical characteristic of pen/lgl2 mutant larvae are present in lgl2,erbB2+/- (B) but are absent in lgl2,erbB2-/-(C). The keratin, E-cadherin and mmp9 staining in lgl2,erbB2-/- (F, I, O) appear similar to wild-type (D, G, M) indicating erbb2 promotes the EMT phenotype in pen/lgl2 mutant larvae. Note that, in lgl2,erbB2-/- larvae (L) BrdU incorporation does not decrease to wild-type levels (J).

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