Fig. 5

Figures for Park et al., 2009
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Fig. 5 GATA-binding site is essential for ventricle-specific vmhc expression. A: The regulatory region (-301/-277) of vmhc contains two transcription factor-binding sites, Smad and GATA (boxes). B: Zebrafish (3 days postfertilization, dpf) injected with plasmid vmhc-301 showed transient expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP). C: When GTC at -300 of vmhc-301 (Smad-binding site) was replaced by CAT, the GFP reporter gene was still expressed in the ventricle with a slight reduction of intensity. D: A single nucleotide substitution of the GATA site (C→T at -287) completely abolished GFP expression.

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