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Fig. S1 A) Amino acid sequence comparison of zebrafish Six1b with mouse Six1, zebrafish Six2.1 and mouse Six2. Alignment of the deduced amino acid sequences was done using MegAlign program (DNASTAR) with the Clustal W method with an identity weight table. Six domain and homeodomain residues are underlined with thin and thick line, correspondingly. Residues in MSix1, ZSix2.1 and MSix2 that differ from those in Six1b are boxed. Note that there are less amino acid differences between zebrafish Six1b and murine Six1 than between zebrafish Six1b and zebrafish Six2.1. M, mouse; Z, zebrafish. B) Phylogenetic analysis. Phylogenetic trees were constructed as previously described (Bessarab et al., 2004). DSo, Drosophila Sine oculis. The GeneBank accession nos.: DSo, AAB34685; MSix1, AAH23304; ZSix1a, AY466110; ZSix1b, EU109509; ZSix2.1, BAB40699; MSix2, BAA11825; ZSix3a, AAH59414. Note the closer relation of zebrafish Six1b to Six1 homologs than to Six2 homologs. C) Flat mount embryo after WISH for six1b at 24 h. Montage of two images of the same embryo. Dashed line separates ventral (top) and dorsal (bottom) focal planes. Until mid-segmentation, six1b is expressed ubiquitously at low level with slightly elevated expression in the anterior of the embryo. Subsequently, the expression is localized in the ventral epithelium of the otic vesicle (black arrowhead) and in the statoacoustic ganglion (sag). Scale bar, 100 μm.

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Reprinted from Developmental Biology, 323(2), Bessarab, D.A., Chong, S.W., Srinivas, B.P., and Korzh, V., Six1a is required for the onset of fast muscle differentiation in zebrafish, 216-228, Copyright (2008) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Dev. Biol.