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Figures for Korzh et al., 2008


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Fig. 5 Role of endothelia in liver development. (A-F) Left-lateral views: liver morphogenesis in live LiPan/Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1 larvae; wild type (A, D), LiPan/clo-/- mutants (B, E) and LiPan/Tnnt2 morphants (C, F) at 60 hpf (A-C) and 70 hpf (D-F). Dorsal views of the liver region of the same embryos are shown as inserts in each panel and dash lines indicate the midline with the right side at the top. Note that the liver in LiPan/clo-/- mutants is significantly reduced compared to that in controls and Tnnt2 morphants. The pericardial edemas in both clo-/- mutant and tnnt2 morphant are indicated by arrows (B, C, E, F). (G-I) Left-lateral confocal in vivo projections of liver of LiPan/Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1 larvae in wild type (G), clo-/- mutant (H) and Tnnt2 morphant (I) backgrounds. Abbreviations: bd, bile duct; dph, daisy pattern of hepatocytes; ec, endothelial cells; e, ear; h, hepatocytes; l, liver; s, sinusoid. In all images, anterior is towards the left. Scale bars, 125 μm in (A-F) and 625 μm in (G-I).

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