Figures for Dal-Pra et al., 2006

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Fig. 3 Inactivation of noggin1 enhances the ventralization phenotype of chordin loss of function. (A) MO-chd-injected embryos at 30 hpf. (B–F) Injection of MO-chd together with MO-nog1 leads to (B) class 1 (C1) embryos corresponding to a weak enhancement of chd phenotype. In class 2 (C2) embryos, the ventralization phenotype following (C) injection of MO-chd and MO-nog1 or (D) injection of MO-nog1 in chordino (din/din) mutant is more pronounced than in class 1, with loss of most of the head territory. (E, F) In class 3 (C3) embryos, the ventralization after double chd-nog1 MO injection is stronger with an almost complete disappearance of anterior and dorsal territories. Lateral views, anterior to the left.

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