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Figures for Dal-Pra et al., 2006


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Fig. S2 Expression pattern of follistatin2 during embryonic development. (A) Side view of an embryo at the 18-somite stage showing expression of fst2 in anterior somites (s). This expression, first observed at the 14-somite stage is maintained until 24 hpf, appearing progressively in more posterior somites. (B) Transverse section of the trunk region of the embryo shown in A. Fst2 is expressed in the proximal part of the somite (ps) but is excluded from the myoseptum (ms) and from the distal part of the somite (ds). (C) Side view and (D) front view of the embryo head at 48 hpf showing a weak expression of fst2 in part of first and second branchial arches (ba). Anterior to the left in A and C. Dorsal up in B and D. n: notochord, nt: neural tube.

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