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Figures for Yee et al., 2007


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Fig. 4 polr3b Expression in Developing Zebrafish (A) Strong maternal polr3b expression is evident at 3 hpf. (B) Widespread polr3b expression is evident at 12 hpf. (C) At 24 hpf, polr3b expression is most pronounced in the nervous system. (D) At 48 hpf, liver and intestinal polr3b expression (white arrows) is evident. There is also diffuse expression in the nervous system at this stage. (E) A similar pattern of polr3b expression is evident at 72 hpf (intestine and liver—white and red arrows, respectively). Retinal and nervous expression is also apparent at this stages (black and green arrows, respectively). Nervous system expression was variable at this stage, whereas digestive organ and retinal expression was consistent. (F) Quantitative RT-PCR data showing the relative expression levels of polr3b during embryonic and larval development. Expression levels of polr3b are relative to hprt expression.

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