Figure 1

Eskova et al., 2019 - Galanin Signaling in the Brain Regulates Color Pattern Formation in Zebrafish
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Figure 1

The npm Mutation Impairs Interactions between Pigment Cells

(A–D) Wild-type adult zebrafish (A), magnified mid-trunk area (B), expanded melanophores (C), and detail of 1st ventral dark stripe in fixed specimen (D).

(E–H) npm adult mutant (E) with magnified mid-trunk area (F). The 2nd ventral dark stripe is underdeveloped (arrow in F). Melanophores appear contracted (G). Pigmented xanthophores appear in the 1st ventral dark stripe in fixed specimen (H; see also Figure S1).

(I and J) Number of dark stripes (I) in fish of comparable height (J) (mean ± SD, n = 10).

(K) Density of melanophores (mean ± SD, n = 10).

(L) Distance between melanophores in the 1st ventral stripe (median ± SD, n = 10).

(M) Density of xanthophores in the first light stripe (mean ± SD, n = 10).

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