Fig. 3

Rinkwitz et al., 2015 - BAC transgenic zebrafish reveal hypothalamic enhancer activity around obesity associated SNP rs9939609 within the human FTO gene
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Fig. 3

Confocal scan of transgenic larvae at 3 dpf having a promoter-GFP cassette inserted upstream of SNP rs9939609 in FTO intron 1 (ac). Expression is detected in the ventral part of posterior tuberculum, in the caudal hypothalamus and in the anterior brainstem. (a) Representative optical sections through 3 dpf larvae that were stained for GFP and tubulin, in lateral and transverse views. The blue lines indicate the range of sections shown in b,c. (b) A row of optical sections through the GFP expression domain as indicated in "a." (c) Z-stack images. The first z-stack image includes hypothalamus and PTv, "b" is further posterior and includes the caudal hypothalamus only. Red arrows: Neurons in the hindbrain are strongly labeled and project ventrally as well as contralaterally. Abbreviations: (CeP) Cerebellar plate, (Hc) caudal hypothalamus, (Hi) intermediate hypothalamus, (MO) Medulla oblongata, (PoA) preoptic area, (PTv) ventral part of posterior tuberculum, (T) midbrain tegmentum, (Tel) Telencephalon, (TeO) Tectum opticum. From Mueller and Wullimann, Atlas of early Zebrafish brain development, 2005, Elsevier.

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