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Rentzsch et al., 2006 - Crossveinless 2 is an essential positive feedback regulator of Bmp signaling during zebrafish gastrulation. Development (Cambridge, England)   133(5):801-811 Full text @ Development
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Dome to Protruding-mouth

Fig. 1 cvl2 is co-expressed with bmps and positively regulated by Bmp signaling. (A) Domain composition of Cvl2 compared with the CR domain proteins Chordin (Sasai et al., 1994), Neuralin (Coffinier et al., 2001) and Kielin (Matsui et al., 2000). Blue boxes indicate signal peptide; red boxes indicate CR domains; yellow boxes indicate vWFd domain; gray box indicates the Thrombospondin domain; numbers one the right indicate total number of amino acid residues. (B) Temporal expression profile of cvl2 determined by RT-PCR. cvl2 is only zygotically expressed. (C-K) Spatial expression pattern determined by in situ hybridization; developmental stage is indicated in lower left-hand corner; genotype of embryos is indicated on the right-hand side. (C-E) Lateral views, ventral leftwards. (F,H) Frontal views, focal plane of H is indicated in G. (G) Animal pole view on head, ventral leftwards. Filled arrows in E-H indicate anterior lateral mesoderm; open arrows in D,F indicate prechordal plate; arrowhead in E indicates ventral tailbud mesoderm. (I-K) Vegetal views, ventral leftwards, with dorsal borders of the expression domain indicated by arrows. (I,J) cvl2 expression is expanded dorsally in chordin mutants. (I,K) Ventral expression is absent in bmp2b mutants. (L-N) Late cvl2 expression at 34 hpf in otic vesicle (arrowhead in L) and pharyngeal pouches (arrows in L) is elevated in hsp70::bmp2b transgenic (M), but downregulated in hsp70::noggin3 transgenic (N) embryos after a 30 minutes heatshock (28°C to 39°C) at 26 hpf.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
bmper WT standard conditions Dome to Protruding-mouth whole organism RTPCR
Shield blastoderm ISH
75%-epiboly prechordal plate ISH
Bud lateral mesoderm ISH
Bud prechordal plate ISH
Bud tail bud ISH
10-13 somites anterior lateral mesoderm ISH
Prim-25 otic vesicle ISH
Prim-25 pharyngeal pouch ISH
bmp2bta72a/ta72a(TU) standard conditions 75%-epiboly blastoderm ISH
chrdtt250/tt250 standard conditions 75%-epiboly blastoderm ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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