ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-150205-1
Yao Lab
PI/Director: Yao, Shaohua
Contact Person: Yao, Shaohua
Email: shaohuayao@scu.edu.cn
Address: Sichuan University, 17# Renmin Nanlu, Wuhou District, Chengdu China, 610041
Country: China
Phone: 862885503328
Fax: 862885503328
Line Designation: scu

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We are interested in the function of epigenetic factors in human cancers. Increasing evidence shows that abnormalities in the epigenetic regulation of chromatin status caused by mutations, amplifications, deletions and rearrangements of genes encoding epigenetic regulators can lead to cancer. We are now using Talen, Cas9 and tol2 mediated transgene techniques in zebrafish to study several histone modifiers including NSD families and Ezh2.

Zhang, Ting Post-Doc Wang, Ping Graduate Student Yu, Chuan Graduate Student
Zhang, Yaguang Graduate Student Li, Xinyue Shang, Jinfeng

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