ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-110606-1
Wyart Lab
PI/Director: Wyart, Claire
Contact Person: Wyart, Claire
Email: claire.wyart@icm-institute.org
URL: httpq://wyartlab.org
Address: Paris Brain Institute (Institut du Cerveau, Foundation ICM) Sorbonne Université INSERM U1127 CNRS UMR 7225 Hôpital Salpêtrière - ICM - 47, bld de l'hôpital - 75013 PARIS - FRANCE
Country: France
Phone: +33-1-5727-4310
Fax: +33-1-5727-4027
Line Designation: icm

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Over the last decade, our team has been investigating sensorimotor integration processes that contribute to shaping locomotion, posture and morphogenesis throughout life.

We recently tackled the question of how semi-automatic motor patterns are generated by the specific structure and dynamics of motor circuits in the brainstem.

Mirat, Olivier Graduate Student

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