ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-080716-1
Her Lab
Contact Person: Her, Guor Muor
Address: Institute of Biopharmaceutical Sciences, National Yang-Ming University No.155, Sec.2, Linong Street, Taipei, 112 Taiwan (ROC)
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2826-5606
Line Designation: ym

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Her, Guor Muor

Lai, C.Y., Yeh, K.Y., Lin, C.Y., Hsieh, Y.W., Lai, H.H., Chen, J.R., Hsu, C.C., Her, G.M. (2021) MicroRNA-21 Plays Multiple Oncometabolic Roles in the Process of NAFLD-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma via PI3K/AKT, TGF-β, and STAT3 Signaling. Cancers. 13(5):
Lai, C.Y., Lin, C.Y., Hsu, C.C., Yeh, K.Y., Her, G.M. (2018) Liver-directed microRNA-7a depletion induces nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by stabilizing YY1-mediated lipogenic pathways in zebrafish. Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1863(8):844-856
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Yeh, K.Y., Lai, C.Y., Lin, C.Y., Hsu, C.C., Lo, C.P., Her, G.M. (2017) ATF4 overexpression induces early onset of hyperlipidaemia and hepatic steatosis and enhances adipogenesis in zebrafish. Scientific Reports. 7:16362
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