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Contact Person: Poss, Kenneth D.
Email: kenneth.poss@duke.edu
URL: http://sites.duke.edu/posslab/
Address: Duke Regeneration Center Department of Cell Biology, Box 3709 Duke University Medical Center Durham, NC 27710 USA
Country: United States
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Modeling disease and regeneration in zebrafish.

Brown, David A. MD/Veterinarian Ando, Kazunori Post-Doc Bangru, Sushant Post-Doc
Furusho, Taisuke Post-Doc Gillotay, Pierre Post-Doc Pronobis, Mira Post-Doc
Ramkumar, Nitya Post-Doc Rich, Ashley Post-Doc Shen, Jingwen Post-Doc
Slota, Leslie Post-Doc Sun, Fei Post-Doc Wolfson, David Post-Doc
Becker, Clay Graduate Student Butt, Faraz Ahmed Graduate Student Ou, Jianhong Research Staff
Oonk, Kelsey Technical Staff Jackson, Amy Administrative Staff

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