ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-020703-1
Cheol-Hee Kim Lab
PI/Director: Kim, Cheol-Hee
Contact Person: Kim, Cheol-Hee
Email: zebrakim@cnu.ac.kr
Address: Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Genetics Department of Biology Chungnam National University 220 Gung-dong, Yuseong-gu Taejeon, 305-764 Korea, Republic of
Country: South Korea
Phone: 82-42-821-5494
Fax: 82-42-822-9690
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Choi, Jung-Hwa Graduate Student Ham, Hyoung-Geol Graduate Student Jung, Seung-Hyun Graduate Student
Kim, Dong-Il Graduate Student Kim, Eun-Hye Graduate Student Kim, Hyun-Taek Graduate Student
Kim, Nam-Jung Graduate Student Lee, Mi-Sun Graduate Student Park, Moon-Hak Graduate Student
So, Ju-Hoon Graduate Student Jung, Kun-Wan

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