OBO ID: CHEBI:136465
Term Name: acetylerucifoline N-oxide Search Ontology:
  • [(5aR,8Z,9aS,10aR,13bR)-8-ethylidene-10a-methyl-3,7,11-trioxo-2,4,5,5a,8,9,10a,11,13,13b-decahydro-3H-3lambda(5)-oxireno[8,9][1,6]dioxacyclododecino[2,3,4-gh]pyrrolizin-9a(7H)-yl]methyl acetate
  • O-acetylerucifoline N-oxide
Definition: A pyrrolizine alkaloid that is erucifoline in which the primary hydroxy hydrogen has been replaced by an acetyl group and the tertiary amino function has been oxidised to the corresponding N-oxide.
Ontology: Chebi
PHENOTYPE No data available