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Structure Name Synonyms
anatomical line
anatomical space anatomical spaces
anatomical structure anatomical structures
acellular anatomical structure acellular anatomical structures
myoseptum myocommata, myosepta
vertical myoseptum transverse myoseptum
cell cells
adaxial cell adaxial cells
digestive enzyme secreting cell digestive enzyme secreting cells
endocrine cell endocrine cells
pinealocyte pinealocytes
endodermal cell endoderm cell
gut endothelial cell gut endothelial cells
mucus secreting cell mucous cell
Rohon-Beard neuron RB neuron, Rohon-Beard cell, Rohon-Beard neurons
yolk yolk cell
ball yolk ball
extension yolk extension
yolk syncytial layer periblast, yolk sac, YSL
external yolk syncytial layer E-YSL
internal yolk syncytial layer I-YSL
embryonic structure embryonic structures
hatching gland hgg
Kupffer's vesicle ciliated organ of asymmetry
otic vesicle otic capsule, otocyst, ov
pancreas primordium pancreatic anlage
polster pillow
presumptive structure presumptive structures
presumptive blood
tail bud tail bud mesenchyme, tailbud
chordo neural hinge
somite somitic mesoderm
myotome myomeres
epaxial myotome region epaxial myotome regions
epaxial region somite 1
epaxial region somite 2
epaxial region somite 3
epaxial region somite 4
epaxial region somite 5
epaxial region somite 6
epaxial region somite 7
epaxial region somite 8
epaxial region somite 9
epaxial region somite 10
epaxial region somite 11
epaxial region somite 12
epaxial region somite 13
epaxial region somite 14
fast muscle cell fast muscle fiber, white muscle cell
fast muscle cell somite 1 fast muscle cells somite 1, fast muscle fiber somite 1
fast muscle cell somite 2 fast muscle cells somite 2, fast muscle fiber somite 2
fast muscle cell somite 3 fast muscle cells somite 3, fast muscle fiber somite 3
fast muscle cell somite 4 fast muscle cells somite 4, fast muscle fiber somite 4
fast muscle cell somite 5 fast muscle cells somite 5, fast muscle fiber somite 5
fast muscle cell somite 6 fast muscle cells somite 6, fast muscle fiber somite 6
fast muscle cell somite 7 fast muscle cells somite 7, fast muscle fiber somite 7
fast muscle cell somite 8 fast muscle cells somite 8, fast muscle fiber somite 8
fast muscle cell somite 9 fast muscle cells somite 9, fast muscle fiber somite 9
fast muscle cell somite 10 fast muscle cells somite 10, fast muscle fiber somite 10
fast muscle cell somite 11 fast muscle cells somite 11, fast muscle fiber somite 11
fast muscle cell somite 12 fast muscle cells somite 12, fast muscle fiber somite 12
fast muscle cell somite 13 fast muscle cells somite 13, fast muscle fiber somite 13
fast muscle cell somite 14 fast muscle cells somite 14, fast muscle fiber somite 14
hypaxial myotome region hypaxial muscle
hypaxial region somite 1
hypaxial region somite 2
hypaxial region somite 3
hypaxial region somite 4
hypaxial region somite 5
hypaxial region somite 6
hypaxial region somite 7
hypaxial region somite 8
hypaxial region somite 9
hypaxial region somite 10
hypaxial region somite 11
hypaxial region somite 12
hypaxial region somite 13
hypaxial region somite 14
myotome somite 1
slow muscle cell somite 1 slow muscle cells somite 1
muscle pioneer somite 1 muscle pioneers somite 1
myotome somite 2
slow muscle cell somite 2 slow muscle cells somite 2
muscle pioneer somite 2 muscle pioneers somite 2
myotome somite 3
slow muscle cell somite 3 slow muscle cells somite 3
muscle pioneer somite 3 muscle pioneers somite 3
myotome somite 4
slow muscle cell somite 4 slow muscle cells somite 4
muscle pioneer somite 4 muscle pioneers somite 4
myotome somite 5
slow muscle cell somite 5 slow muscle cells somite 5
muscle pioneer somite 5 muscle pioneers somite 5
myotome somite 6
slow muscle cell somite 6 slow muscle cells somite 6
muscle pioneer somite 6 muscle pioneers somite 6
myotome somite 7
slow muscle cell somite 7 slow muscle cells somite 7
muscle pioneer somite 7 muscle pioneers somite 7
myotome somite 8
slow muscle cell somite 8 slow muscle cells somite 8
muscle pioneer somite 8 muscle pioneers somite 8
myotome somite 9
slow muscle cell somite 9 slow muscle cells somite 9
muscle pioneer somite 9 muscle pioneers somite 9
myotome somite 10
slow muscle cell somite 10 slow muscle cells somite 10
muscle pioneer somite 10 muscle pioneers somite 10
myotome somite 11
slow muscle cell somite 11 slow muscle cells somite 11
muscle pioneer somite 11 muscle pioneers somite 11
myotome somite 12
slow muscle cell somite 12 slow muscle cells somite 12
muscle pioneer somite 12 muscle pioneers somite 12
myotome somite 13
slow muscle cell somite 13 slow muscle cells somite 13
muscle pioneer somite 13 muscle pioneers somite 13
myotome somite 14
slow muscle cell somite 14 slow muscle cells somite 14
muscle pioneer somite 14 muscle pioneers somite 14
slow muscle cell red muscle cell, slow muscle fiber
muscle pioneer muscle pioneers, non migratory adaxial cells
sclerotome sclerotomes
sclerotome somite 1
sclerotome somite 2
sclerotome somite 3
sclerotome somite 4
sclerotome somite 5
sclerotome somite 6
sclerotome somite 7
sclerotome somite 8
sclerotome somite 9
sclerotome somite 10
sclerotome somite 11
sclerotome somite 12
sclerotome somite 13
sclerotome somite 14
somite 1
somite 2
somite 3
somite 4
somite 5
somite 6
somite 7
somite 8
somite 9
somite 10
somite 11
somite 12
somite 13
somite 14
extraembryonic structure extraembryonic structures
organism subdivision body part
cranium cranial skeleton
splanchnocranium pharyngeal arch skeleton, pharyngeal skeleton
pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton branchial arch skeleton, gill arches 1-5 skeleton
pharyngeal arch pharyngeal arches
pharyngeal arch 1 mandibular arch, visceral arch 1
pharyngeal arch 2 hyoid arch, visceral arch 2
pharyngeal arch 3-7 branchial arch, branchial arches, branchial bar, branchial bars, gill arch, gill arches 1-5, visceral arches 3-7
pharyngeal arch 3 branchial arch 1, gill arch 1, visceral arch 3
pharyngeal arch 4 branchial arch 2, gill arch 2, visceral arch 4
pharyngeal arch 5 branchial arch 3, gill arch 3, visceral arch 5
pharyngeal arch 6 branchial arch 4, gill arch 4, visceral arch 6
pharyngeal arch 7 branchial arch 5, gill arch 5, visceral arch 7
pharyngeal pouch pharyngeal pouches
pharyngeal pouch 1 pharyngeal pouches 1
neuromere neural segment, neuromeres
surface structure surface structures
integument skin
portion of tissue
alar plate midbrain region
anterior lateral plate mesoderm ALPM
anterior neural tube
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural tube
forebrain midbrain boundary diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary
midbrain neural tube
midbrain mesencephalon
lateral wall midbrain region lateral wall midbrain
tectal ventricle cerebral aqueduct, medial tectal ventricle, mesencephalic ventricle, mesencephalic vesicle, midbrain ventricle, ventriculus mesencephali
ventro-caudal cluster vcc, ventral caudal cluster, ventrocaudal cluster
basal plate midbrain region floor plate midbrain, floorplate midbrain
endocardial precursor
forebrain neural tube
forebrain prosencephalon
pineal complex
epiphysis corpus pineale, pineal gland, pineal organ
epiphyseal cluster ec
floor plate diencephalic region floorplate diencephalon
lateral wall diencephalic region lateral wall diencephalon
optic stalk optic stalks
ventro-rostral cluster ventral rostral cluster, ventrorostral cluster, vrc
forebrain ventricle forebrain vesicle, prosencephalic ventricle
floor plate telencephalic region floorplate telencephalon
lateral wall telencephalic region lateral wall telencephalon
telencephalon diencephalon boundary
ganglion ganglia
cranial ganglion cranial ganglia, presumptive cranial ganglia
heart primordium cardiac field, heart primordia
hindbrain neural rod
hindbrain neural tube
hindbrain rhombencephalon
floor plate rhombomere region floor plate hindbrain region
floor plate rhombomere 1 floor plate r1
floor plate rhombomere 2 floor plate r2, floorplate r2
floor plate rhombomere 3 floor plate r3, floorplate r3
floor plate rhombomere 4 floor plate r4, floorplate r4
floor plate rhombomere 5 floor plate r5, floorplate r5
floor plate rhombomere 6 floor plate r6, floorplate r6
floor plate rhombomere 7 floor plate r7, floorplate r7
floor plate rhombomere 8 floor plate r8, floorplate r8
fourth ventricle 4th ventricle, hindbrain ventricle, rhombencephalic ventricle, rhombencephalic vesicle, ventricle IV, ventriculus rhombencephali
rhombic lip
lower rhombic lip
upper rhombic lip
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm ICM, intermediate cell mass of Oellacher, posterior intermediate cell mass
lateral floor plate
lens placode lens placodes
medial floor plate
head mesenchyme
mesenchyme derived from head mesoderm
mesenchyme derived from head neural crest
trunk mesenchyme
intermediate mesenchyme
lateral mesenchyme derived from mesoderm
mesenchyme derived from trunk neural crest
lateral migration pathway mesenchyme
medial migration pathway mesenchyme
paraxial mesoderm paraxial mesenchyme
segmental plate presomitic mesoderm, PSM
myocardial precursor
neural crest
cranial neural crest
facio-acoustic neural crest facio acoustic neural crest
neural crest diencephalon diencephalic neural crest
neural crest midbrain mesencephalic neural crest
neural crest telencephalon
trigeminal neural crest
neural crest cell neural crest cells
trunk neural crest
neural rod presumptive central nervous system
floor plate neural rod floorplate neural rod
floor plate neural tube
lateral wall neural rod
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural rod
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural tube
midbrain hindbrain boundary isthmus, mhb, midbrain-hindbrain boundary
intervening zone IZ
posterior neural rod
posterior neural tube
spinal cord neural tube
spinal cord neural rod
neural tube presumptive central nervous system
brain brain structure
lateral wall neural tube
neuroectoderm neural ectoderm, neurectoderm
primary neuron
primary interneuron
primary neuron hindbrain primary neurons hindbrain
non neural ectoderm ventral ectoderm
notochord notocord
notochord posterior region
optic vesicle optic vesicles
primary germ layer embryonic germ layers
periderm EVL
pharyngeal ectoderm
gut alimentary canal, enteric tract, gut tube
gut absorptive cell gut absorptive cells
pharyngeal endoderm
axial mesoderm
prechordal plate
intermediate mesoderm IM
lateral mesoderm
lateral plate mesoderm lateral plate, LPM
pharyngeal mesoderm
ventral lateral mesoderm
ventral mesoderm
primordial vasculature
vascular cord
roof plate diencephalic region
roof plate midbrain region
roof plate neural tube region
roof plate rhombomere 1
roof plate rhombomere 2
roof plate rhombomere 3
roof plate rhombomere 4
roof plate rhombomere 5
roof plate rhombomere 6
roof plate rhombomere 7
roof plate rhombomere 8
roof plate rhombomere region roof plate hindbrain
whole organism multi-cellular organism
female organism
anatomical cluster
proliferative region cell cycle, cell division, proliferation
reproductive system
nervous system
central nervous system cns
floor plate floorplate, fp
floor plate midbrain region
roof plate
ventricular system
peripheral nervous system pns
immature Schwann cell
lateral line system ll
anterior lateral line system
anterior lateral line placode anterior lateral line placodes
posterior lateral line system
posterior lateral line placode posterior lateral line placodes
sensory system sensory systems
olfactory system
olfactory placode olfactory placodes
primitive olfactory epithelium
olfactory receptor cell olfactory receptor neuron, olfactory sensory neuron, Schultze's cell
vestibuloauditory system
otic placode
visual system
neurogenic field neurogenic fields
Kolmer-Agduhr neuron dorsal CSF-cN, dorsal CSF-cNs, KA cell, KA interneuron, KA neuron, Kolmer-Agduhr cell
hematopoietic system
musculature system
trunk musculature body musculature
trigeminal placode trigeminal placodes
cardiovascular system
immature eye
muscle cell myocyte, myofiber
skeletal muscle cell skeletal muscle fiber, striated muscle cell
pectoral fin field pectoral fin fields
digestive system
D cell D cells
digestive system duct
pancreatic system
endocrine system
immune system
macrophage histiocyte
lateral wall rhombomere 1
lateral wall rhombomere 2
lateral wall rhombomere 3
lateral wall rhombomere 4
lateral wall rhombomere 5
lateral wall rhombomere 6
lateral wall rhombomere 7
lateral wall rhombomere 8
nucleus of the tract of the postoptic commissure ntPOC
renal system urinary system
podocyte podocytes
pronephric podocyte
pronephros embryonic kidney, pronephric nephron
pronephric duct pronephric ducts
pronephric glomerulus pronephric glomera, pronephric glomeruli, pronephric glomus
pronephric tubule ciliated neck segment
skeletal system
CiA circumferential ascending interneuron, V1 interneuron
CiD circumferential descending interneuron, commissural descending interneurons, V2a interneuron
CoLA commissural longitudinal ascending interneuron
CoPA primary commissural interneuron
CoSA secondary commissural interneuron
DoLA dorsal longitudinal interneuron
MCoD larval VeLD, multipolar commissural descending interneuron
MiP motor neuron middle primary motoneuron
RoP motor neuron rostral primary motoneuron
UCoD unipolar commissural descending interneuron
VaP motor neuron variable primary motoneuron
VeLD V2b interneuron, ventral longitudinal interneuron