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All 125 anatomical structures at stage Segmentation:1-4 somites (10.33h-11.66h) Highlight terms containing:

Structure Name Synonyms
anatomical line
anatomical space anatomical spaces
anatomical structure anatomical structures
acellular anatomical structure acellular anatomical structures
myoseptum myocommata, myosepta
vertical myoseptum transverse myoseptum
cell cells
adaxial cell adaxial cells
migratory slow muscle precursor cell migratory slow muscle precursor cells
endodermal cell endoderm cell
Rohon-Beard neuron RB neuron, Rohon-Beard cell, Rohon-Beard neurons
yolk yolk cell
yolk syncytial layer periblast, yolk sac, YSL
external yolk syncytial layer E-YSL
internal yolk syncytial layer I-YSL
embryonic structure embryonic structures
Brachet's cleft
forerunner cell group DFCs, dorsal forerunner cells, forerunner cells
Kupffer's vesicle ciliated organ of asymmetry
polster pillow
presumptive cephalic mesoderm
presumptive diencephalon
presumptive floor plate
presumptive intervening zone
presumptive rhombomere 3
presumptive rhombomere 4
presumptive rhombomere 5
presumptive rhombomere 6
presumptive rhombomere 7
presumptive rhombomere 8
presumptive structure presumptive structures
presumptive blood
presumptive hypochord
presumptive telencephalon
tail bud tail bud mesenchyme, tailbud
chordo neural hinge
somite somitic mesoderm
myotome myomeres
myotome somite 1
sclerotome sclerotomes
sclerotome somite 1
somite 1
somite border somite border cell, somite boundary
extraembryonic structure extraembryonic structures
organism subdivision body part
axis midline
surface structure surface structures
integument skin
portion of tissue
anterior lateral mesoderm ALM
anterior lateral plate mesoderm ALPM
anterior neural keel
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural keel
midbrain neural keel
forebrain neural keel
ganglion ganglia
cranial ganglion cranial ganglia, presumptive cranial ganglia
hindbrain neural keel
presumptive rhombomere 1
presumptive rhombomere 2
hindbrain neural plate
head mesenchyme
mesenchyme derived from head neural crest
trunk mesenchyme
paraxial mesoderm paraxial mesenchyme
segmental plate presomitic mesoderm, PSM
neural crest
cranial neural crest
trigeminal neural crest
neural crest cell neural crest cells
neural keel presumptive central nervous system
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural keel
posterior neural keel
spinal cord neural keel
neural plate presumptive central nervous system
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural plate midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural plate
posterior neural plate
spinal cord neural plate
proneural cluster proneural clusters
neuroectoderm neural ectoderm, neurectoderm
primary neuron
primary motor neuron primary motoneuron
non neural ectoderm ventral ectoderm
notochord notocord
notochord posterior region
optic primordium eye field
primary germ layer embryonic germ layers
periderm EVL
axial mesoderm
prechordal plate
intermediate mesoderm IM
lateral mesoderm
lateral plate mesoderm lateral plate, LPM
posterior lateral mesoderm PLM
pronephric mesoderm pronephric primordium
ventral lateral mesoderm
ventral mesoderm
whole organism multi-cellular organism
female organism
anatomical cluster
proliferative region cell cycle, cell division, proliferation
reproductive system
nervous system
central nervous system cns
peripheral nervous system pns
sensory system sensory systems
vestibuloauditory system
otic placode
neurogenic field neurogenic fields
Kolmer-Agduhr neuron dorsal CSF-cN, dorsal CSF-cNs, KA cell, KA interneuron, KA neuron, Kolmer-Agduhr cell
hematopoietic system
muscle stem cell muscle stem cells
myoblast myoblasts
musculature system
trunk musculature body musculature
trigeminal placode trigeminal placodes