ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-990603-8
Nomenclature History
New Value Event Old Value Date Reason Comments
smad4a merged with zmp:0000000768 2016-06-14 same marker none
smad4a renamed from smad4 2016-04-15 renamed to conform with zebrafish guidelines
zmp:0000000768 assigned 2013-05-30 Not Specified
smad4 renamed from madh4 2004-05-19 per gene family revision All genes formerly called "madh-" in ZFIN have been re-named "smad-". At this time, MGI and HGNC still use "Madh-" to refer to their orthologues of these genes. We usually follow mammalian nomenclature choices, but in this unusual case the ZFIN Nomenclature Committee has decided to follow the published consensus of the major researchers in the field and adopt "smad-". dsf, May 2004

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