Panel Name: Loeb/NIH/5000/4000 (LN54)
Description: This panel was produced by irradiation of zebrafish AB9 fin fibroblasts prior to fusion with mouse B78 melanoma cells. Zebrafish chromosomes were tagged with the neo resistance gene by stable transfection A pool of more than 400 G418-resistant colonies were used for fusion. DNA samples from the expanded panel can be obtained from the Ekker laboratory. Genotyping of this RH panel has been done with more than 1300 markers. Data on markers, average fragment size, and overall retention rate is available.
Panel Producer: Ekker, Marc
Panel Type: Radiation Hybrid
Current source of
genetic material for mapping:
Ekker, Marc
Most Recent Update: Mar 22, 2002
Radiation Dose: 4000 rads (81 lines); 5000 rads (12 lines)
Interactive Mapping: Place markers on LN54 panel
Markers Chromosome
Marker Type Count
EST 3,049
GENE 394
SNP 393
SSLP 757
Total 4,593
Chromsome Marker Type (# on Chr.) Scoring
1 EST(112) GENE(19) SNP(26) SSLP(27) Data
2 EST(174) GENE(25) SNP(11) SSLP(31) Data
3 EST(153) GENE(21) SNP(9) SSLP(24) Data
4 EST(100) GENE(12) SNP(7) SSLP(25) Data
5 EST(168) GENE(22) SNP(13) SSLP(36) Data
6 EST(162) GENE(8) SNP(42) SSLP(30) Data
7 EST(150) GENE(23) SNP(15) SSLP(39) Data
8 EST(148) GENE(23) SNP(9) SSLP(31) Data
9 EST(56) GENE(17) SNP(5) SSLP(25) Data
10 EST(86) GENE(6) SNP(27) SSLP(27) Data
11 EST(127) GENE(15) SNP(15) SSLP(26) Data
12 EST(116) GENE(22) SNP(10) SSLP(27) Data
13 EST(132) GENE(18) SNP(5) SSLP(28) Data
14 EST(102) GENE(11) SNP(19) SSLP(39) Data
15 EST(94) GENE(14) SNP(23) SSLP(29) Data
16 EST(146) GENE(11) SNP(7) SSLP(26) Data
17 EST(108) GENE(20) SNP(17) SSLP(31) Data
18 EST(95) GENE(10) SNP(15) SSLP(32) Data
19 EST(138) GENE(17) SNP(14) SSLP(29) Data
20 EST(71) GENE(16) SNP(4) SSLP(40) Data
21 EST(128) GENE(11) SNP(21) SSLP(33) Data
22 EST(129) GENE(10) SNP(23) SSLP(24) Data
23 EST(166) GENE(20) SNP(30) SSLP(33) Data
24 EST(105) GENE(8) SNP(19) SSLP(35) Data
25 EST(83) GENE(15) SNP(7) SSLP(30) Data
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