Figures for Parichy et al., 2009

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 11 Early caudal fin development. Shown are multiple individuals with corresponding standard length (SL) in the lower right of each panel. Arrowheads: 4.5, mesenchymal condensation at base of prospective fin; 4.9, fully formed caudal fin ray first segments; 5.0, division between future dorsal and ventral fin rays (also apparent at 4.9). Arrows: 6.0, joints between first and second segments of indicated rays. 6.4, joints between first, second, and third segments of indicated ray. Images shown are at decreasing magnifications. Scale bars = 3.5 and 6.4, 250 μm.

Figure Data:
Anatomy Term: caudal fin
Developmental Stage:
Days 7-13 to Days 30-44
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