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Fig. 3 Late larval musculature of zebrafish head. Ventral (A) and dorsal (B) views of the cephalic muscles of 24-d zebrafish larvae (6.0 mm TL) and lateral (C) and ventral (D) views of the cephalic muscles and of the anterior portion of the body musculature of 24-d zebrafish larvae (6.9 mm TL). A0, A1-OST, A2, A0, AW, sections A0, A1-OST, A2, A0 and Aω of adductor mandibulae complex; AD-AP, adductor arcus palatini; AD-HYO, adductor hyomandibulae; AD-OP, adductor operculi; BRM, branchial muscle; DIL-OP, dilatator operculi; EP, epaxialis; HE, heart; HH-AB, hyoideus abductor; HH-AD, hyoidei adductores; HH-INF, hyoideus inferior; HYP, hypaxialis; INTM-A, intermandibularis anterior; LEV-AP, levator arcus palatini; LEV-OP, levator operculi; LEV-5, levator arcus branchialis 5; PR-H, protractor hyoideus; PR-H-D, PR-H-D, dorsal and ventral parts of protractor hyoideus; SH, sternohyoideus.

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Anatomy Term: head muscle
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