ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENO-030115-2
Wild-Type Line: Nadia
Abbreviation: NA
Current Source: No data available
Normal wild type.

The fish were collected from the wild in late 1999. They were sent from Deepak Nopany (Asian Exports, 200/2A Rashbehari Avenue, Calcutta 700029, India, Phone +91 33 4649288, Fax +91 33 4649289) to the importer, Dolphin International in Los Angeles. The Oregon laboratory then obtained them from a wholesaler, The Cichlid Exchange, in Portland, Oregon.

The zebrafish shipped to the importer were collected from an area about 40 miles east of Calcutta in the District called, Nadia. The fish were collected from stagnant ponds and flood plains.

The Nadia line was established in the Oregon laboratory from an initial breeding of about ten individuals.  (1)