ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-030919-2
Genomic Feature: rw0Tg
Synonyms: rw0 , Tg(CM-isl1:GFP) , Tg(isl1:GFP) , Tg(isl1:GFP)rw0
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(isl1:GFP)
Type: Transgenic Insertion
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Okamoto Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Complex cntn2zou20/+ ; rw0Tg cntn2
cntn2zou20/+ ; rw0Tg ; vangl2tc240/+ cntn2, vangl2
cntn2zou20/+ ; vangl2tc240/+ ; rw0Tg cntn2, vangl2
cntn2zou20/+ ; vangl2tc240/+ ; rw0Tg/rw0Tg cntn2, vangl2
gli1ts269/ts269 ; rw0Tg gli1
hoxb1asa1191/sa1191 ; rw0Tg hoxb1a
hoxb1bua1006/ua1006 ; rw0Tg ; hoxb1asa1191/sa1191 hoxb1a, hoxb1b
isl2aco7002/+ ; rw0Tg isl2a
isl2aco7002/co7002 ; rw0Tg isl2a
restsbu29/+ ; rw0Tg rest
restsbu29/sbu29 ; rw0Tg rest
rw0Tg ; cntn2zou20/+ cntn2
rw0Tg ; cntn2zou20/zou20 cntn2
rw0Tg ; cntn2zou20/zou20 cntn2
rw0Tg ; hoxb1bua1006/ua1006 hoxb1b
rw0Tg ; sl4Tg
rw0Tg ; ua1002Tg
rw0Tg ; vangl2tc240/+ vangl2
sfpqkg41/kg41 ; rw0Tg sfpq
snap29sa13359/sa13359 ; rw0Tg snap29
celsr2rw71/rw71; rw0Tg celsr2
dzip1ts294e/ts294e; rw0Tg dzip1
epb41l5rw306/rw306; rw0Tg epb41l5
foxi1m809/m809; rw0Tg foxi1
gmdsrw685/rw685; rw0Tg gmds
hmgcrbs617/+; rw0Tg hmgcrb
hmgcrbs617/s617; rw0Tg hmgcrb
med12y82/y82; rw0Tg med12
nhsl1bfh131/+; rw0Tg nhsl1b
nhsl1bfh131/fh131; rw0Tg (AB/TU) nhsl1b
nhsl1bfh131/fh131; rw0Tg nhsl1b
nhsl1bfh131/fh131; rw0Tg nhsl1b
nhsl1bfh280/+; rw0Tg nhsl1b
prickle1bfh122/fh122; rw0Tg prickle1b
rgdrw218/rw218; rw0Tg rgd
rgdrw395/rw395; rw0Tg rgd
rgdrw520/rw520; rw0Tg rgd
scribrw468/+; rw0Tg scrib
scribrw468/rw468; rw0Tg scrib
supt5hfh20/fh20; rw0Tg supt5h
vangl2vu67/+; rw0Tg vangl2
cadsl23/sl23; rw0Tg cad
restsbu29/+; rw0Tg rest
restsbu29/sbu29; rw0Tg rest
restsbu29/sbu29; rw0Tg rest
lama1b765/b765; rw0Tg lama1
plod3tv205a/tv205a; rw0Tg plod3
fh3Tg; rw0Tg
nns8Tg; rw0Tg
pc4Tg; rw0Tg
rw0130aTg; rw0Tg
rw0Tg; s356tTg
rw0Tg; s896Tg
rw0Tg; vu19Tg
rw0Tg; zou003Tg
rw0Tg; zou007Tg
rw0Tg; zou011Tg
rw0Tg; zou012Tg
vangl2m209/+; rw0Tg vangl2
vangl2tc240/+; rw0Tg vangl2
nhsl1bfh131/+; nhsl1bfh280/+; rw0Tg nhsl1b
nhsl1bfh131/+; scribrw468/+; rw0Tg nhsl1b, scrib
vangl2tc240/+; lama1b765/+; rw0Tg lama1, vangl2
rw0Tg ; jh17Tg ; sl2Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou003Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou004Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou005Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou006Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou007Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou008Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou009Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou010Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou011Tg
rw0Tg; vu22Tg; zou012Tg
vangl2tc240/tc240; nksagff187aGt; nkuasgfp1aTg; rw0Tg vangl2
vangl2tc240/tc240; nksagff187aGt; nkuasgfp1aTg; rw0Tg; zou001Tg vangl2
Unknown rw0Tg Unknown
rw0Tg (AB) Unknown