ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-980112-5
The zebrafish: a new model for studying embryonic hematopoiesis
Zon, L.I., Kieran, M., Paw, B., Thompson, M., Guo, W., Ransom, D., Brownlie, A., Chan, F.Y., Barone, L., McClennan, H., Ziegler, S., Pratt, S., and Detrich, H.W. III
Date: 1995
Source: In Ontogeny of hematopoiesis. Aplastic anemia, E. Gluckman, L. Coulombel, eds., Paris: Colloque INSERM/John Libbey Eurotext   235: 17-22 (Chapter)
Registered Authors: Brownlie, Alison J., Detrich, H. William, Guo, Wen, Kieran, Mark, Paw, Barry, Pratt, Stephen J., Ransom, David G., Zon, Leonard I.
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