ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-200112-9
Expansion of vomeronasal receptor genes (OlfC) in the evolution of fright reaction in Ostariophysan fishes
Yang, L., Jiang, H., Wang, Y., Lei, Y., Chen, J., Sun, N., Lv, W., Wang, C., Near, T.J., He, S.
Date: 2019
Source: Communications biology   2: 235 (Journal)
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Ostariophysans are the most diverse group of freshwater fishes and feature a pheromone-elicited fright reaction. However, the genetic basis of fright reaction is unclear. Here, we compared vomeronasal type 2 receptor-like (OlfC) genes from fishes having and lacking fright reaction, to provide insight into evolution of pheromonal olfaction in fishes. We found OlfC genes expanded remarkably in ostariophysans having fright reaction compared with fishes lacking fright reaction. Phylogenetic analysis indicates OlfC subfamily 9 expanded specifically in ostariophysans having fright reaction. Principle component and phylogenetic logistic regression analysis partitioned fishes by ecotype (having or lacking fright reaction) and identified OlfC subfamily 9 as being an important factor for fright reaction. Expression levels of expanded OlfC subfamily genes after fright reaction in zebrafish changed more than did genes that had not expanded. Furthermore, evidence of positive selection was found in the expanded OlfC proteins in ostariophysan fishes having fright reaction. These results provide new insight into the genetic basis of fright reaction in ostariophysan fish and will enable future research into the mechanism of action of OlfC proteins.