ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-191030-9
Retrieval and display of variant and flanking sequences
ZFIN Staff
Date: 2019
Source: Semi-automated Curation : (Curation)
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ZFIN retrieves and displays flanking sequences for variants which have been mapped to an Ensembl genome build. Genomic coordinates of variants are curated from publications by ZFIN curators, or submitted directly to ZFIN by collaborators. For variants that have been mapped to the latest genomic build, ZFIN retrieves 500 bp of upstream and downstream sequences flanking the variants, based on the curated/submitted coordinates.
The wild-type reference sequence, the variant sequence, and flanking sequences are displayed on feature pages in the following format:

500 bp upstream sequence
Reference/Variant (in red)
500 bp downstream sequence

All displayed sequences are on the forward (plus) genomic strand of the Ensembl genomic build specified in the "Location" section of the feature page. To obtain more detailed information about these processes or to send comments, please contact ZFIN.