ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-161027-1
A Nuclear Role for miR-9 and Argonaute Proteins in Balancing Quiescent and Activated Neural Stem Cell States
Katz, S., Cussigh, D., Urbán, N., Blomfield, I., Guillemot, F., Bally-Cuif, L., Coolen, M.
Date: 2016
Source: Cell Reports   17: 1383-1398 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Bally-Cuif, Laure, Coolen, Marion, Cussigh, Delphine, Katz, Shauna
Keywords: Argonaute, Notch, adult neurogenesis, miR-9, neural stem cell, quiescence, radial glia, telencephalon, zebrafish
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PubMed: 27783951 Full text @ Cell Rep.
Throughout life, adult neural stem cells (NSCs) produce new neurons and glia that contribute to crucial brain functions. Quiescence is an essential protective feature of adult NSCs; however, the establishment and maintenance of this state remain poorly understood. We demonstrate that in the adult zebrafish pallium, the brain-enriched miR-9 is expressed exclusively in a subset of quiescent NSCs, highlighting a heterogeneity within these cells, and is necessary to maintain NSC quiescence. Strikingly, miR-9, along with Argonaute proteins (Agos), is localized to the nucleus of quiescent NSCs, and manipulating their nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio impacts quiescence. Mechanistically, miR-9 permits efficient Notch signaling to promote quiescence, and we identify the RISC protein TNRC6 as a mediator of miR-9/Agos nuclear localization in vivo. We propose a conserved non-canonical role for nuclear miR-9/Agos in controlling the balance between NSC quiescence and activation, a key step in maintaining adult germinal pools.