ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-150729-10
Data Model Change: Sequence Targeting Reagents Removed from Environment
ZFIN Staff
Date: 2015
Source: ZFIN Historical Data : (Curation)
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ZFIN annotates gene expression in wild-type fish, and gene expression and phenotype in mutants, transgenics and fish treated with sequence-targeting reagents like Morpholinos, TALENs, and CRISPRs. The goal of gene expression annotation is to understand where genes are natively expressed and how gene expression is altered in mutants, morphants etc. The goal of phenotype annotation is to provide insight into gene function by recording the phenotypic outcome of gene mutation or perturbation.

Sequence-targeting reagents were originally recorded as a part of the experimental environment, along with chemical treatments, heat shock, lighting conditions, surgery, etc. To increase search efficiency of genes related to expression and phenotype, ZFIN has updated its data model to treat sequence-targeting reagents more like mutations by removing them from the environment and grouping them with mutations. As a result, a fish in the ZFIN database has a genotype and may also include a sequence targeting reagent. All expression and phenotype data are annotated to fish.

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