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Zebrafish as a model for cardiovascular development and disease
Nguyen, C. T., Lu, Q., Wang, Y., Chen, J.
Date: 2008
Source: Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models   5(3): 135-140 (Review)
Registered Authors: Chen, Jau-Nian, Nguyen, Catherine
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PubMed: 22275951 Full text @ Drug Discov. Today Dis. Models
Understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying normal development and pathological conditions is an important step towards prevention and developing effective therapeutic approaches for cardiovascular diseases. In recent years, the zebrafish model has rapidly emerged as a powerful genetic system to study cardiac development and function, and some zebrafish mutants have been used as animal models to dissect the molecular causes of cardiovascular disease. Here, we discuss current advancements in zebrafish cardiovascular studies with a focus on the genetic mechanisms regulating cardiac function and the potential of utilizing zebrafish for drug discovery.